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SCIENTIFIC STEEL STRUCTURES is dedicated to prevent associates, employees, equipment , engineering data, offices , human beings – animals around 3S facilities from any kind of hazard, accident, pollution that may result from our business conduct , resulting in to zero accident, zero environmental impact and zero health impact .


SCIENTIFIC STEEL STRUCTURES (3S) preserves the environment and World resources by efficient use of natural resources .

Above mentioned statements are  always our top priority . Consequently HSE issues will always override cost issues .


In order to achieve and sustain the above mentioned policy 3S is spreading this as a company culture via a well documented, continuously bettered HSE management system, making sure that the system can be implemented  at the same level even employees may change.


Utilising  ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001  standards that 3S obtained  We will  implement management systems to control and regulate all the risks and functions that is related to our HSE policy.


All 3S personnel will be fully participating  in this management system for achieving the targets  with well defined responsibilities and scope of authority, procedures  within all the laws and regulations applicable.


Each employee is requested to declare and undersign a “100 % HSE  policy promise “ once every January . To that end each employee is responsible for taking care of his own health and safety  while working and managing others without causing any risk to their health and safety   besides eliminating risks to the factory equipment, produced items.  Each 3S employee will be monitoring others for compliance to the relevant policies  and warn them should a non-compliance is observed. Each employee is encouraged to determine the factors that are creating risk, demand training on HSE protection and getting involved in all HSE related systems .  


SCIENTIFIC STEEL STRUCTURES will make sure that the above mentioned HSE system is applicable to all of its business activities and that the policy is comprehensible at every level  of the company organisation.  By using the past data and experiences of the past due to a non compliance  3S will continuoisly improve the HSE policy. 



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