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High quality can only be achieved only if it is controlled through all  of the services , manufacturing -stages , documentation stages. 

3S  system for QA-QC is based on our ISO 9001-2000 standard certification and it is traceable, documented  and continuously improved.


Quality targets and commitments are comprehended throughout the organisation by the top level executives . All SCIENTIFIC STEEL WORKS employees are obliged to follow the quality system unconditionally  , with full dedication and  with a “cost no object approach. “


3S quality manual clearly states the employee participation principles  within the organisational structure, responsibility and authority of each employee, procedures, safety checks . However employees are asked to follow the quality manual as a minimum pre_requisite and the whole 3S team is asked to continuously look for ways to improve the system .


To this end for every new project a detailed quality risk analysis will be made before the start of design and fabrication . Critical issues related to quality are documented , precautions will be taken before any further progress of the project,  past experiences will be utilised for continuous improvement , quality will be controlled at each and every step , checked against targets,  deviations (if any) will be documented and minimized.


SCIENTIFIC STEEL STRUCTURES has achieved its current status by creating customer satisfaction through consistent high quality  of its services , documentation and products ,  skilled workforce participation with a relentless pursuit of high quality.  This quality mission will be contuinously improved by using the past experiences of the past projects. 

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